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The WickMaster

The WickMaster
The WickMaster is the last candle tool you will ever need. This amazing tool does everything needed to maintain your candles. The WickMaster is a candle lighter, wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and pick all in 1 unit. This single unit costs less than trying to purchase tools to do each of the functions individually. The barrel of the candle lighter is5" long from the trigger to the tip making it easy to reach down into container candles to light them. The lighter has a lock and a safety switch for extra protection. The size of the flame produced can also be adjusted. The WickMaster includes a fuel supply window to easily see how much butane is left as well as a refill hole. The wick trimmer cutting blade is set inside the cutting barrel adding extra safety. The cutting feature on this tool allows you to trim your wicks vertically. This means that even wicks down inside of jar candles can be trimmed using this candle tool. Simply insert the wick up inside the cutting barrel and pull the trigger for a perfect trim every time. The candle snuffer is used to extinguish your candles safely, avoiding the risk of splashing liquid wax on surrounding objects. The candle snuffer is attached by a hinge and is easily raised and lowered. The pick tool is used to dig the wick out of the wax if it happens do fall down in. You can also use the pick to put the candle flame out by pushing the wick down into the liquid wax then pulling it back out. The total length of the WickMaster candle tool is 9 1/4".

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