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This all in one candle tool has everything you need to use and maintain your candles. The WickMaster is a lighter, wick trimmer, snuffer, and pick all in one. It has a 5 inch long barrel which is ideal for reaching down into jar candles or lighting hard to reach candles. There is a built-in child lock and a safety switch for the lighter function in addition to a flame size adjustment control. A clear window lets your see just how much butane is left inside the refillable reservoir. The wick trimmer is set a quarter inch back inside the barrel adding extra safety and providing the perfect length cut every time. The candle suffer is set on the top and is attached by a hing making it possible to extinguish candles of all shapes and sizes. If your candle wick sinks into the soft wax making it impossible to light the next time, use the pick tool to dig it out so you can continue to burn enjoy your candle. This candle tool is 9.25 inches long.

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