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Adding Just the Right Detail with Wedding Candles

Wedding Candles Add the Perfect Touch

Spring and summer are upon us…..’tis the season for a beautiful wedding. So much planning goes into even the smallest wedding, with so many things to decide, remember and coordinate that the process can be a bit overwhelming. Very often, it’s the little details that are overlooked until the last minute. Ironically, it’s very often the little details that will stand out in your memory long after the cake has been cut. Your wedding candles are one of those little details.

A Special Place in the Ceremony

Wedding candles, also known as unity candles, aren’t just a decorative touch; they hold a very special place in your wedding ceremony. Most couples choose to perform at least some kind of candle-lighting ceremony during their wedding. The type of candle-lighting ceremony you choose is entirely up to you, based on the type and style of your wedding, your personal beliefs and many other factors. The candle-lighting ceremony can be a small part of your wedding or take a more prominent place in the ceremony itself.

Different Types of Candle-Lighting Ceremonies

If you’ve been to a few weddings, you’ve probably seen at least one candle-lighting ceremony. Many couples come up with their own, customized ceremony, but there are a few common types. Most likely, you’ve seen the unity ceremony during which the bride and groom light the larger unity candle with their own two, smaller tapers. This ceremony signifies that while the bride and groom have been separate, they are now joining together to shine as one light.

Many Different Styles of Wedding Candles

Unity or wedding candles come in a very wide variety, making it easy to choose a candle or candles that will blend beautifully with your wedding’s style and tone. The candles can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. There are candles with carving or scroll designs, candles with added materials such as ribbon, sequins or “gems” and even wedding candles that are engraved or printed. The engraving or printing could be a personalization, a scripture verse or even a romantic quote.

Wedding candles can add so much to a wedding ceremony that it’s wonderful to find that they’re so affordable. If if you’re on the tightest of budgets, you can afford a wedding candle and a beautiful and meaningful candle ceremony. This is good news for couples that have been surprised and overwhelmed by the high costs of other aspects of their wedding ceremony.

If you’d like to see some of the beautiful wedding candles that are available, browse through our candles for some inspiring ideas.