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Soy Votive Candles

Soy Votive Candles These soy votive candles are made using a natural blend of soy and palm waxes. We use double the amount of fragrance in these scented votives as we do in our paraffin wax votives so they smell amazing when they burn. We also make an unscented soy votive for when you do not want any fragrance. Each soy candle will burn 12 to 15 hours in a votive cup that is similar size to the candle. The larger the votive glass, the shorter the soy votives will burn because the wax will liquify and run too far from the flame to be used as fuel. We put a cotton and paper fiber wick in these soy candles. Our soy votive candles are 2" tall, 1.75" across the top, 1.5" across the bottom. There are 6 candles per display box. Price is for 1 box.
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