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The main attraction to flameless candles is that they safe to use and still give off a realistic simulated candle glow. These battery operated candles are ideal for times when it is better not to have scented candles or an open flame. The battery powered tealights are a nice substitute for regular tealights and will give off light much longer than the real candles. We now also have a wide variety of battery LED pillar candles with built-in 5 hour times. These flame free candles will turn themselves on at the same time each day, stay on for 5 hours, then turn off. Of course they also have a standard on/off switch so you can control them too. Our remote controlled pillar candles are great to use in hard to reach places. Simply turn the candle on and off with the remote or turn on the built in timer with it and enjoy. Our outdoor LED candles are perfect of patios and decks to add ambiance to the warm summer nights. You can leave them out all day and they won't melt in the heat.


LED Pillar and Mini Lantern
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SKU: LEDGC-37834
LED 6x6 Outdoor Pillar Candle Ivory
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SKU: LEDGC-42997
Flameless Tea light Candles 24 Pack
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SKU: LED-Tea-24pk
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LED 6x9 Outdoor Pillar Candle Ivory
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SKU: LEDGC-42998
Outdoor LED Pillar Candles 5 Piece Set
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SKU: LEDGC-33985
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