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Votive Cups

Votive cups are a must have when burning votive candles. We offer a wide variety of designer votive cup styles ranging from the basic straight sided clear glass cup to fancy colored stemware votive cups. The diameter of the votive cup will affect the burn time of the votive candle. To get the most burn time out of your votive you want to use a votive cup that is just a little larger in diameter than the votive. If your votive cup is too much larger than the votive the candle will burn much faster and leave more wax left over in the bottom of the glass. We will be adding more votive accessories as they become available.

  SKU Product Our price
Sul-g8025 11 Inch Metallic Votive Cups and Mirror $22.95
Sul-g8026 17.5 Inch Mirror Votive Tray Clear Red $35.95
Sul-g8024 8 Piece Round Wooden Votive Tray Set $35.95
Pom-769276 Mission Style Votive Lantern Clear $10.25
Pom-769252 Mission Style Votive Lantern Green $10.25
Pom-615184 Ranch Holder and Glass Cup $9.05
POM503573 Red Votive Centerpiece Set $18.05
POM915062 Set of 2 Classic Wall Sconces $24.05
StrSid-SpecGold Straight Votive Cup Speckled Gold $3.05
StrSid-SpecSil Straight Votive Cup Speckled Silver $3.05
Pom-616648 Tejas Holder and Glass Cup $9.05
Sul-pn2183 Votive Candle Holder Gold Set 4 Piece Set $18.05
StrSid-CL Straight Sided Votive Cup Clear $1.45
RolyPoly-CL Clear Optic Votive Holder $1.45
Oyster-CL Clear Votive Cup Oyster $1.35