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Owning a Candle Wholesale Business

Start Your Own Candle Wholesale Business

There are several steps to becoming a candle wholesale distributor. The first step is to get a resale tax ID which can be obtained from you local chamber of commerce. There is usually no fee associated with this type of tax ID but there is a yearly tax on any products that are sold. This tax is relatively small when compared to the income potential you have as a candle wholesaler.

The second step to starting your own candle wholesale business is finding a candle company that offers wholesale discounts and carries a wide variety of merchandise. U. S. Candle Company offers a large selection of products that will give you the flexibility of reaching a wide range of customers. Their only requirement is that your first candle wholesale order be a minimum of $500 but then there is no minimum amount for future orders.

When owning your own candle wholesale business, you need to know the types of candles that are available. You need to understand the different scents and sizes as well as be able to help your customers find the best candle to fit their needs. A candle wholesale distributor needs to, not only understand the product, but be able to change their inventory to match the season.

During the holiday season, many candle wholesale businesses experience their peak season. This is because candles are an integral part of many centerpieces and are a traditional decoration during the holiday season. Candle wholesalers need to keep a large number of candles available to their customers during this season and you should plan ahead and place your orders as early as possible. Candle distributors like U. S. Candle Company will also be experiencing an increase in business and may take longer to fulfill your orders than during other, less busy, times of the year.

When starting your candle wholesale business it is important to understand where you can sell your candles and who your potential customers may be. There are a few different places that you can set up candle displays, such as in convenience stores or you local farmer’s market, just make sure you ask the owner for their commission rates and the amount of space you will be allowed to use.

Another option for a candle wholesale business is to check with the local catering companies to see if they need supplier for their special events. Weddings and baby showers offer a great opportunity to supply candles and can be a steady source of income for a new candle wholesale business.

Candle wholesale can be a lucrative business because candles are a consumable product with a long shelf life. As your customers use the candles, they will eventually need to be replaced, which provides you with a steady base of repeat customers. You must carry a wide variety of candles, everything from votives to pillars, to meet these customer needs and to ensure they return to your business for their future purchases.

For more information about becoming a candle wholesale distributor, please visit U.S. Candle Company on the internet at www.uscandleco.com or call them at 717-564-2220 and one of their customer service representatives will be happy to help you place your first order.