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Jar Candles 5 oz

When you purchase our scented 5 oz jar candles, you get them at a great price. These small jar candles are the ideal candle for people who want to test our fragrances before making larger purchases. We also manufacture a white unscented jar candle for when you do not want any fragrance. The 5 oz candle will burn for approximately 30 hours. This line of candles is made with paraffin wax and a blend of synthetic and essential oils.

  SKU Product Our price
J5-VanCinn 5 oz Vanilla Cinnamon Jar Candles $7.25
J5-VanCup 5 oz Vanilla Cupcake Jar Candles $7.25
J5-VanHaz 5 oz Vanilla Hazelnut Jar Candles $7.25
J5-VicChristmas 5 oz Victorian Christmas Jar Candles $7.25
J5-WBB 5 oz Warm Banana Bread Jar Candles $7.25
J5-WVS 5 oz Warm Vanilla Sugar Jar Candles $7.25
J5-Wedding 5 oz Wedding Cake Jar Candles $7.25
J5-WhUns 5 oz White Unscented Jar Candles $7.25