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64 oz 3 Wick Jar Candles

These large 3 wick jar candles are a great value. Compare the cost of this 64 oz 3 wick candles to the cost of our competitors 22 oz candles. When you buy our large jar candles you get nearly 3x the amount of candle for around the same price as the competition. Our scented 3 wick candles will have much more liquid wax exposed to the air which allows a lot of fragrance to be released freshening up multiple levels in your home. The 3 flames melt the wax all the way out to the edge so you will not have wasted wax at the end. We hand pour these 3 wick candles at our factory in central Pennsylvania using high quality, low melt temperature wax. We have added a white unscented jar candle to our line for those times when you do not want fragrance. Our 3 wick jar candles make amazing gifts too. The burn time is approximately 165 hours. This jar candle is 5.75" inches in diameter and 6.5" inches tall. We use paraffin wax in these scented candles along with a blend of synthetic and essential fragrance oils.

  SKU Product Our price
J64-ChocFudge 64 oz Chocolate Fudge Jar Candles $34.85
J64-ChocMint 64 oz Chocolate Mint Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CCakes 64 oz Christmas Cakes Jar Candles $34.85
J64-ChrisEss 64 oz Christmas Essence Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CinnBals 64 oz Cinnamon Balsam Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CinnStick 64 oz Cinnamon Stick Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CCotton 64 oz Clean Cotton Jar Candles $34.85
J64-ClovAlo 64 oz Clover and Aloe Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CMS 64 oz Coconut Mango Splash Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CofCake 64 oz Coffee Cake Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CCB 64 oz Cool Citrus Basil Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CranChut 64 oz Cranberry Chutney Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CranKett 64 oz Cranberry Kettle Corn Jar Candles $34.85
J64-Cranger 64 oz Crangerine Jar Candles $34.85
J64-CrBrulee 64 oz Cream Brulee Jar Candles $34.85
J64-Creams 64 oz Creamsicle Jar Candles $34.85
J64-Eucal 64 oz Eucalyptus Jar Candles $34.85
J64-FandM 64 oz Frankincense/Myrrh Jar Candles $34.85