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Highly Scented Soy Candles

Candles have been used over the centuries for a variety of purposes such as providing light before gas lamps and electricity were invented. These first candles were made of unscented wax and were a necessity in order to see in the dark. Once there were other means to provide light through the use of gas lamps or electricity, candles were no longer a necessity. However, candles did not go away, rather they evolved with the inclusion of scents and discovery of different materials like soy candles, and have been used by artists as a sculpting medium to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Candles can also be used to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding when the unity candle is light, or for religious celebrations, like Advent, and lighting an Advent wreath in preparation for Christmas. To make these events even more nostalgic, a person can use scented soy candles. This type of candle offers one of the strongest scented candles that can be purchased and are made of pure soy wax.

Scented soy candles come in several different formats, including soy tarts, votive inserts, votive candles and jar candles. They also come in different colors to match the scent, like lavender is a light purple color, cherries jubilee is a dark cherry color, and Christmas cakes is a light tan color.

Scented soy candles can be used to help eliminate unwanted odors in the home. Many people like to prepare and make fish, but it can leave a smell that seem to linger in the room for a long time, but can be quickly eliminated with the use of a scented candle. People that have pets or smoke in their home can also eliminate those smells using scented candles.

Scented soy candles have also been used for aroma therapy, relaxation and stress relief. A person can take their favorite scented candles into the bathroom, run a hot tub of water, light the candles and turn out the lights. The scents given off, along with the warm water can help alleviate body aches and pains and help a person become more centered and refocused with positive energies.

A person can even use scented soy candles to help set a romantic mood, like Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. Using both the natural light candles give off, as well as the scent can stimulate the senses and bring people close together at these special times.

Scented soy candles are available from U.S. Candle Company, www.uscandleco.com, in a variety of scents. Soy tarts are a special type of scented candle that required the use of a warmer to melt the wax. Warmers can either by electric or require the use of an unscented candle as a heat source. Warmers and other candle products are also available from U.S. Candle Company.