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Starting Your Own Wholesale Candle Business

Get Into the Business of Selling Candles

Many people have dreamed of owning their own business but have never understood how to get that business started. The first item when starting a new business is figuring out the product you wish to sell and then finding a place for our customers to purchase the products. One solution to both of these problems can be found in the wholesale candle business.

Wholesale candles can be purchased in large lots at a significant discount off of the suggested retail price. Since candles are a consumable product, your customers will always come back to purchase more candles as they use the ones they previously purchased. This leads to a stable customer base and is one of the foundations of any business.

Wholesale candles also offer you the flexibility of placing your products in several different locations. You can set a display at the local farmers market and run you booth based on your own personal preference. This can get you a large amount of walk in traffic and can provide a steady customer base. It is also a good way to interact with your customers, telling them the benefits of the candles and allowing them to smell the different scents available.

Wholesale candles can also be sold within an existing local business. If you have a gas station or convenience store near your home, see if they will allow you to set a display of your candles prominently on one of their shelves. They will usually charge a percentage of the sale but this is more than made up by the fact that you only have to visit once a week to check stock levels and to restock the displays. You also do not have to be present to sell the candles which can help you have more time free for your family and friends.

The final issue many new business owners have how to find the items that will be the best sellers during the various seasons. U.S. Candle Company offers a full line of seasonal candles and can even help you decide on the best arrangement for your displays during the holiday season. They offer everything from jar and votive candles to the popular floating candles most often seen in centerpieces during the holiday season.

Another use of wholesale candles is to contact catering companies and offer your services as a candle provider for special events, such as weddings or baby showers. These events often use large numbers of candles and they must be new every time. As a wholesale candle distributor, you can help their business by supplying beautiful centerpiece candles and help your business by having a steady stream of repeat customers.

For more information regarding becoming a wholesale candle distributor, visit U. S. Candle Company on the internet at www.uscandleco.com. They have a wide range of candles available for every occasion. You can also reach them by telephone at 717-564-2220 and their customer service representative can help you understand what it takes to be a distributor of wholesale candles in your area.