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Textured 3x6 Pillars

These textured 3x6 pillar candles have the fragrance and color added before they are hand poured, resulting in a strong scented, solid colored candle. Each of these 3x6 textured candles is unique from all the others because of the texturing process. As the scented pillar candles dry they get a porous, stone like finish. We use a cotton braided wick and a blend of synthetic and essential fragrance oils in our textured pillar candles. These scented pillar candles are 3" diameter by 6" tall and will burn for approximately 50 to 70 hours.

  SKU Product Our price
Tex3x6-AppCinn Textured 3x6 Apple Cinnamon Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-Balsam Textured 3x6 Balsam Fir Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-Bay Textured 3x6 Bayberry Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-BRV Textured 3x6 Black Raspberry Vanilla Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-BlLag Textured 3x6 Blue Lagoon Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-CinnBals Textured 3x6 Cinnamon Balsam Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-CinnStick Textured 3x6 Cinnamon Stick Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-ClCotton Textured 3x6 Clean Cotton Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-CranChut Textured 3x6 Cranberry Chutney Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-Creams Textured 3x6 Creamsicle Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-FrVan Textured 3x6 French Vanilla Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-Lemon Textured 3x6 Lemon Meringue Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-Lilac Textured 3x6 Lilac Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-Merlot Textured 3x6 Merlot Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-MSN Textured 3x6 Midsummer Night Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-MisHolly Textured 3x6 Mistletoe and Holly Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-Mulb Textured 3x6 Mulberry Pillar Candles $8.45
Tex3x6-OBreeze Textured 3x6 Ocean Breeze Pillar Candles $8.45