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Unity Candles

Hi, I'm Cathy from Keystone Candle.  Today we are going to talk about unity candles.  Unity candles add interest to your wedding ceremony.  They symbolize that you are better together than you are apart.

Unity candles should reflect the general style of your wedding ceremony.

Here are a variety of traditional classic unity candles.  Some have beading, crystals, ribbons, or designs.

At Keystone Candle we can personalize your candle by adding your invitation or incorporating the theme of your wedding such as hearts, your initials, names, or date of your wedding.  We can even place a favorite photo on your candle.

To maximize the life of your unity candle we can place a recessed tealight in the top.

Unity candles can be ornate or they can be simple depending on your wedding style.  Your unity holder can be decorated with flowers or garland.  The entire set can be transported from the church to the reception and be displayed on the cake table or a separate table and then taken to the married couples home.

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