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The votive candles from U.S. Candle Co. offer you a variety of choices to add a little candlelight to your home or for your special event. They manufacture scented, unscented, and soy votive candles in glass votive cups. While the scented votives are mainly used in the home, they are also a favorite for many people who want to freshen up their office. Those from U.S. Candle Co. have a strong scent and are priced at available at discount prices so that you can choose a wide variety of scents and colors.

The unscented votive candles are available in a wide variety of fashionable colors so that you can use them to decorate for almost any event. These candles are white on the inside with the colored wax only on the outside. They are a favorite choice for use at wedding receptions and other formal events since there is no fragrance to interfere with the taste of the food that you serve. The soy candles are made using 100% soy wax and a natural wick and they are poured directly into the glass votive cup. Soy votive candles are a great choice if you enjoy finding eco friendly products that are kinder to the environment.

U.S. Candle Co. has a large selection of votive candles and affordable prices to ensure that there is something to fit every taste and budget. Their scented votives are available in more than 100 fragrances and a dazzling array of colors for any occasion. They are hand poured and have scent and color throughout so that the fragrance remains strong until the candle is completely burned up. These candles have a cotton core votive wick with a self-centering wick tab to ensure that the candles burn correctly. Scented votive candles can be used in a variety of displays and centerpieces to add color and fragrance to any area of your home. Each will burn for approximately 15 hours when used with the appropriate votive container.

The unscented votive candles are offered in 28 different colors that are achieved with an overdipping process to produce more vibrant color. Since the fragrance produced by scented candles can interfere with the taste of food, these unscented candles are the most popular choice for any occasion where food will be served. They are also unlikely to cause the allergic reactions that some individuals may have to the fragrances. You can match the colors of the unscented votive candles to the pillars and unscented floating candles. Always burn the votives in one of their votive cups to get the best results and the maximum burn time.

Go to www.uscandleco.com to see their wide selection of scented, unscented, and soy votive candles. Make sure to browse their selection of votive candle holders as well. When shopping from the scented votive candles for use in your home, look for decorative holders that will make a beautiful accent to your tabletop or to your wall. You can also choose to add coordinating candles to create an entire display!