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Use Outdoor Candles to Create the Perfect Ambiance

As winter winds down and the weather warms up, our attention starts to turn towards ways we can spend time outside.  Activities like clearing out the flower beds, taking walk with the family, or firing up the grill are a few of the things that come to mind.  Many people start to set up their decks and patios to get ready for evening cookouts with friends and family on warmer evenings.  One of things that people consider is how they are going to light up their evening gatherings.  It is usually either flood lights on the back of the house, a fire pit, or tiki torches that are used but we have another option, Outdoor Candles.

burning outdoor candle

We have taken one of our best selling 3 wick candle sizes and instead, have made it with a single, large, cotton wick that is perfect to burn outside.  The thick wick is resistant to being blown out on breezy nights and you can strategically place your favorite fragrance around the patio or deck to add a nice aroma to your party.  In addition, the beautifully crafted candles are appealing to look at especially when they are burning.  These pillar candles are 6 inch diameter by 6 inches tall and will burn for around 130 hours.  Sure you could use a fake LED outdoor candle but they can’t match the mesmerizing dance of a real candle flame.

So as you get ready for the warmth of spring and summer keep our outdoor candles in mind to create that perfect look.

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