Jar Candles

Jar Candles We manufacture highly scented jar candles using quality waxes and fragrances. Our large selection of fragrances, colors, and sizes makes it easy to find a candle for you to love. In addition to the outstanding variety our discount pricing makes our jar candles a great value. Our 64 oz three wick candles give off a ton of fragrance and are perfect for large rooms. Our soy jar candles are made using soybean wax which is grown in the United States. We put double the fragrance in our soy candles to compensate for the poor fragrance throw that soy wax inherently has so these jars smell amazing. We have added a new category in our jar line that is just for unique candles that make great gifts. There is where you will find our one of a kind Giganticandle, a 25 pound, 2 gallon scented candle that will fill a home with fragrance.