Scented and Unscented Candles, Holders, and Accessories

At U.S. Candle Company we are proud of the candles, home decor products, and accessories we sell.  The majority of the candles are made in America right here at the factory in Pennsylvania.  These hand-crafted candles are manufactured by the third and fouth generation family members and our amazing employees.  Our goal is to provide a quality burning candle that smells great both when lit and when not.  Of course if you want an unscented, fragrance free candle, we have those too. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting new products to offer that are still affordable.  While it is tough to keep up with demand, our suppliers are doing their best to keep the materials and products we need coming so that we will have the decorative products you want.

We have some great resources to assist in getting the best use out of our candles and accessories.  Some of our articles have information on things like easy ways to reduce candle soot.  We made a video to bust one of the most believed candle myths, "Keeping your candles in the freezer makes them burn longer"...don't do it.  We also have a blog with tips and tricks to for better candle burning experience.  In addition we have a candle burning instructions page to let you know the best way to enjoy a lit candle without wasting wax or ending up with a mess.