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Wholesale Candles

We are currently accepting applications for candle distributors and retailers who would like to purchase wholesale candles, candle holders, and candle accessories at discount prices to resell. Business interested in purchasing our candles at wholesale should register to create a username and password, then call us at 717-564-2220 to have their account set up. You may also request more information using our contact form. Once your status as a wholesale or drop ship member has been activated you will be free to begin making purchases through www.uscandleco.com at our discount prices. As one of the premier candle manufacturers in the USA, we can offer very competitive pricing on the candles we produce allowing you to have really good profit margins.

The requirements for becoming one of U.S. Candle Company's candle distributors are, that you have a location from which to resell our products (a website counts), you have a resale tax ID, and that you can place an opening order of at least $500 (does not apply to drop shippers). Once you have established your account with your $500 opening order, there is no minimum for re-orders. To help boost sales your customers should be able to tell that you are confident in our products. Ideally you should have enough space to display our candles in a predominant area of the store. As the fall/Christmas season approaches you will want to have our candle products stocked well on your shelves and also some inventory available for restocking. The Christmas season is huge for candle sales and as we get more orders lead times will be a little longer so plan ahead. We are available to help guide you through your initial purchases and make recommendations at to which fragrances or products to choose.

We are currently NOT accepting new drop ship memberships. We will ship our product directly to your customer for you so you don't have to keep any inventory at your location. This is extremely helpful for website owners and will help keep more money in your pockets instead of in inventory. We charge a $3.00 drop ship fee per order.

To get signed up for a wholesale or drop ship account you need to register, creating a username and password. Fill the form out and be sure to include your company name and tax ID. Once you have registered, give us a call or send us a message so we can get additional information from you. You will need to wait until your account is activated before you will be able to see the discounted candles and accessory prices. You will get an email when it is activated. Be sure to also read our terms and conditions page for some additional information.

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