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Votive Candles

Votive Candles We manufacture scented votive candles, unscented votives, and soy votives in a wide array of colors and fragrances. Our scented votives are available in over 100 different strong fragrances. Use the scented votives in smaller size room like a second bedroom or bathroom. The unscented votive candles are produced in bold, trendy colors perfect for decorating at weddings and events. The inside of our unscented votives are white with the colored wax only on the outside. These unscented candles are perfect for decorations your wedding receptions or events because there is no fragrance to interfere with the taste of food. The soy votives are our newest addition and are made using 100% soy wax and a natural wick. The scented soy votive candles are loaded with double the amount of fragrance as our paraffin candles. With our large selection of votive candles and our affordable prices, there is something here for everyone. The 15 hour candles and 10 hour votives will burn longest in a candle holder close to the same diameter as the votive.