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Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles Our large pillar candles can be used to create the most elegant centerpieces and displays for events and home decorating. These pillar candles come in so many heights, diameters, and colors that the combination's are endless. We manufacture three distinct types of pillars, textured, smooth and unscented. The smooth pillars are available in the largest variety of sizes ranging from 2x3 to large 6x9 3 wick pillar candles. Our large three wick pillar candles make beautiful centerpieces. The smooth candles are flat on the top and have the color and fragrance the whole way through. We offer these scented pillar candles in a wide variety of fragrances and colors too. The textured pillar candles are a very popular choice for use in home decorating. The rustic look of these scented candles contrast beautifully with the smooth, straight lines of home furnishings. Our unscented pillar candles are very popular with event coordinators and wedding decorators. The unscented pillar candles come in a wide variety of colors and because the candles are unscented don't interfere with the taste of any food being served. We make a wide selection of unscented pillar candles in colors using an over-dipping process. These candles have a white core with color only on the outside and are only available in 3 inch diameter. We hand-pour white and ivory unscented candles in all of our sizes if something other than 3" diameter is needed.