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Welcome to our jar candle fundraising program! We have helped many schools, business, and individuals, raise money for special events, traveling expenses, team uniforms, care packages for our men and women in the armed services, and much more. Our candle fundraiser is very simple to do and anyone can do it whether there is one person involved or 200, it doesn't matter. There is the potential to raise over 50% profits for your fundraising group by selling our jar candles in this fund raising program. Please do NOT pick your scents to sell from our scent descriptions page. Not all the fragrances on that page are available in our jar candle line and choosing them may cause your order to not be filled completely or held up. There is a list of available fragrances included in our pdf file for you to use. You can follow the link below to view the fundraiser program specifics.

Spring Summer Sale (roughly March - August)

Fall Winter Sale (roughly August - March)