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Q. What are your candles made of?

A. All of our candles are made of paraffin wax unless otherwise specified. 


Q. Why do I smell a fragrance when I ordered unscented candles?

A. We make both our unscented and scented candles in the same building. All of our packing materials are also in this building. Sometimes the air in our factory can get pretty heavy with fragrance which is absorbed by the packaging materials. Take your candles out of the packing materials, if you still feel there is an odor to them you can wipe them with a damp paper towel. When you light them they will not smell.  Personal note: When we go out to dinner on Friday nights, the cook will come out of the kitchen to say "Hi." because they can smell the candle fragrances on our clothing.


Q. Do your wicks contain lead?

A. None of our candles contain lead wicks. Our different candle types will either have a cotton, paper, or zinc core.


Q. Are candles safe to burn around pets?

A. Paraffin wax is made up of Hydrocarbon atoms, meaning, Hydrogen and Carbon connections.  When the wax turns to liquid and enters the flame area, a chemical reaction takes place.  The flame created by this chemical reaction creates heat and light.  In this reaction area, the hydrogen and carbon atoms become separated.  Also during this reaction, oxygen is being introduced.   The Oxygen combines with the Hydrogen atoms and creates H2O, (water vapor).  Oxygen combines with the Carbon atoms and creates CO2, (carbon dioxide).  Both of these combinations are found naturally in the air.     Fragrance added to the wax is generally of the same composition.  Therefore any fragrance molecules that enter the flame also produce similar results.  The fragrance molecules that enter the air without going into the flame are what makes the room fragrant and is typically what the consumer is looking for. 

Each customer has certain preference types like sweet, floral, spicy, baked, etc.  Everyone's sensory preceptors in the nose are different.  Some are extremely sensitive, while others are not.  Some fragrances can stimulate unpleasant reactions in certain individuals.  Animals have similar responses, meaning, there are some smells that they react well to and others they do not.  Just as certain individuals with particular sensitivities to certain fragrances react favorably, other individuals could react in the complete opposite direction, some to the point of having physical responses such as sneezing and more.  

Now, lets talk about soot.  Soot can be produced by a burning candle if the wick is too long or large.  If the flame cannot handle all of the fuel that is entering the flame area, incomplete combustion results in the production of soot.  If air flow is affecting the flame, soot can also be produced.  This alters the flames ability to react with all the molecules of wax fuel being introduced into the combustion reaction area.  Soot is elemental carbon particles that are no more harmful to humans than the same type of soot created by toasting bread, frying with oils, burnt food, and other similar kitchen incidents.  Soot can be created by gas, kerosene, and oil furnaces that need attention and are introducing soot through the air ducts or directly in the air.  Just as individuals have different sensitivities, so do animals.  When it comes to a particularly species, a veterinarian would be able to offer the best advise concerning that pet's well being regarding fragrances, soot, temperature etc.


Q. Is everything on your website made in the U.S.A.?

A. No, not everything we sell is made in the United States. The majority of, but not all, of the candle products are manufactured by us in our factory, located in Pennsylvania. Most of the accessories and a few candle products are imported from overseas. If you would like to know if a certain item is made in the U.S., feel free to contact us and we can let you know.


Q. When I burn the unscented candles that are the "overdipped" style will I see the white wax underneath the colored wax coating?

A. When you burn the overdipped style candles eventually you will see white around the base of the flame of the candle, the color will stay on the sides.  Sometimes the dyes will flow into the liquid wax and you might not see white at all.  



Q. How many taper candles do I get for the price shown?

A. The unscented taper candles are sold by the pair so if you order a quantity of 1 you will get 2 candles.  The Classic taper candles are sold individually so if you order a quantity of 1 you will get only 1 candle.


Q. Do I have to be a business or wholesale account to order from your website?

A. No, anyone can order from our website.



(Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.)

Q. Where will my order ship from?

A. All orders are shipped out of our factory which is located in Central Pennsylvania.


Q. Are any of the shipping options displayed in the shopping cart expedited?

A. No, none of the standard shipping options show are considered expedited rates. 


Q. Can I have an order expedited if I need it faster than regular shipping?

A. Yes, if you need an order in a rush, call us at 717-564-2220 so that we can make sure the item is in stock.  Next Day and 2 or 3 Day shipping options require an early pick up time, so please be aware that time is a factor when scheduling these shipments.  We work with you to help you decide which expedited shipping method would be the most cost effective.  


Q. When will I get my order?

A. Delivery times are based on a number of factors.  We do our best to get orders shipped out either the same day or the next day.  If an item is out of stock and has to be either manufactured or ordered, it could take a few days until the order is ready to ship out.  Once an order leaves our facility, the time in transit is based on the shipping method selected and the delivery location.  USPS Priority Mail typically takes 1 to 3 days, FedEx takes 1 to 5 days, and USPS 1st Class Mail will usually be slower than both Priority Mail and FedEx.


Q. What if an item is damaged during shipping?

A. Inspect all items when they arrive even if they are for future use.  If there are damaged items, let us know right away and we will either replace the item or issue a refund depending on what you prefer.  In most cases we will not require the damaged item to be shipped back but may request photographs of the damages.  (PLEASE SEE OUR TERMS AND CONDTIONS PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION.)


Q. Will FedEx deliver to my P.O. Box?

A. No FedEx does not deliver to P.O. Boxes.  You would need to select on of the USPS shipping options instead.



(Please see our terms and conditions page for more information.)

Q. Can I return items I ordered?

A. Yes you may return items, however, you will need to request a Return Authorization number, it needs to be within 14 days of when you received the item, and the items need to be returned unused and undamaged.  Special order or custom candles may NOT be returned.


Q. What shipping method do I use to return an item?

A. You may use any shipping method you would like to use.


Q. Who is responsible for the return shipping costs?

A. The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs unless the return is due to a mistake on our end.