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Scented Jar Candles

Scented Jar Candles We manufacture highly scented jar candles using quality waxes and fragrances. Our large selection of fragrances, colors, and sizes makes it easy to find a candle for you to love. In addition to the outstanding variety, our discount pricing makes these scented jar candles a great value. Our 64 oz three wick candles give off a lot of scent and are perfect for large rooms. Our soybean jar candles are made using wax which is grown right here in the United States. We put double the scented oil in our soy candles so that they smell absolutely amazing. We make some very unique candles you will not find anywhere else. They make wonderful gifts for just about anyone. There is where you will find our one of a kind Giganticandle, a 25 pound, 2 gallon scented jar candle that will fill a home with fragrance. If you are more into the country style, our mason jars are just the thing you need. We hand craft our half pint and pint size fight here in the U.S.A. To help your jars burn the best, the wicks should be trimmed to around 1/4 inch before each time it is lit.  If the jar has been burning for a long period of time, put the flame out, trim the wick and light it again.  This will help to keep the flame burning at the correct height.  If the flame gets too big during long burns, it could start to produce soot.  Cutting the wick back to the correct height will greatly reduce that issue.  Be sure to allow to liquid wax pool to melt out near or all the way to the edge before extinquising the flame.  This will help keep the candle from tunneling, which can be cause by too many short burn periods. The wider the candle, the greater amount of scent you will notice in the air.  This is because of the amount of liquid wax exposed to the air at one time allowing more simultaneous evaporation of fragrance.  A small mouth scented jar candle is good for in small rooms where as a wide jar works great in larger rooms.