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Scented Taper Candles

Around Christmas time people start to look for holiday candles and one of the best selling items in our outlet store this time of year is our Bayberry scented taper candles. There is a little poem that was traditionally used along with these candles which said "A Bayberry candle burnt to the socket brings health to the body and wealth to the pocket." People would burn these Bayberry taper candles at Christmas in an attempt to bring good health and prosperity to their lives the following year. Of course burning a candle can not do that but I guess it was fun to imagine it could. Two tapers are joined together by the wick so they are sold in pairs. The inside of the candle is white and unscented, we dip the core into highly scented, green wax which coats the candle, making it dripless and adding the fragrances. Keep the candles standing straight in the taper holders and out of a drafty area so they will not drip.


Bayberry Scented Tapers 8 Inch
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SKU: ScTap8-Bay
Bayberry Scented Tapers 10 Inch
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Bayberry Scented Tapers 12 Inch
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