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Jar Candles Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Use Jar Candles to For a Romantic Ambiance

Candles have become a very popular decorating element, with more attention being given these days to creating the right atmosphere in a room, rather than just the right look. Jar candles are among the least expensive candles available, which makes them a great item for those who are on a budget, or who like to change up the look and feel of a room fairly often. They’re available in such variety and are so versatile that anyone can use them to add some flair to any room.

Creating an Atmospheric Element for a Room

Jar candles are a great decorating tool partly because they appeal to both our visual sense and our sense of smell. While unscented candles are certainly available for those who don’t want to add scent to their room, or are sensitive to scent, using scented candles to decorate can really make a difference.

A walk down any candle aisle in your local superstore will show you that jar candles are available in every scent imaginable. Higher quality candles are made with more natural ingredients and have a much more authentic and gentle aroma than those you can pick up at a supermarket, however. If you’re put off by many scented candles, the higher quality candles will be a pleasant surprise.

Choosing the Right Scent for Your Room

Just as we match our perfume to our outfit, mood and the season, we should also put careful thought into the scent we choose in jar candles. You might think that any scent you enjoy is a good choice, but to create the right atmosphere, you should put a little thought into the feel you’re going for in a room. Fruity or tropical scented jar candles, such as those with elements of coconut, sandlewood, plumeria or mango, are great choices for summertime. They’ll add a vacation-like feel to an outdoor patio or create a spa-like atmosphere in the bath. For autumn, scents such as cinnamon, apple blossom and pear are popular. You get the idea.

Using Jar Candles for Visual Impact

Jar candles can be used in a variety of decorative ways. Anyone can set a pretty jar candle on a counter or shelf, but why not create something that really adds beauty to the room? Jar candles are so inexpensive; creating an arrangement is quick, affordable and fun. Use the other decorating elements in the room to give you some ideas. Pine cones, dried branches sand and river rocks or pebbles are great elements to add to a room with a natural or rustic look. The bonus is, you can probably find all of them in your own yard for free. Glass pebbles, dried or artificial flowers and twine are just a few of the other materials you can use to dress up an arrangement featuring jar candles.

Once you take a look at the elements and materials already being used in your room, and give some thought to the atmosphere you want to create, your imagination is bound to start filling with plenty of creative ideas that will help you to come up with a design idea that is uniquely yours. To see some of the variety available, take a look through our hand made, beautiful, and affordable jar candles.