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Wedding Decorations

Wedding Centerpieces

We have all been to weddings where the reception centerpieces are absolutely stunning. The wedding decorations look like they cost a fortune and each of us hope to take it home. Unfortunately there aren't enough for everyone, however, we have everything you need to create your own table centerpieces and wedding decorations at affordable prices. Our wide selection of inexpensive candles, glass vases, floral picks, candle rings, and accents pieces makes it easy to create unique wedding centerpieces while staying within your budget.

Unity Candles

Unity candles are one of the important accessories used during the wedding ceremony. When using a unity candle, couples are symbolizing the joining of a man and woman becoming one. The bride and groom each take a lit taper candle and light the unity candle together. Once the tapers are placed back into the candle holders, their flames are extinguished. This symbolizes that their is no longer two separate people but now 1 family. We offer a wide variety of candles for weddings. Our large selection of colored unscented pillar and taper candles means you can find a unity set to match the color scheme for your wedding.

Wedding Favors

In addition to the candles used mainly for wedding centerpieces and decorations, there is the need for wedding favors. Small candles can be used to both accent the reception centerpieces and as favors for the guests to take home at the end of the wedding. To keep your wedding favors affordable, buy inexpensive candles and add your personal touch to them. A votive candle in a glass cup with a ribbon tied around it is easy and affordable. Candle tins with a personalized label on the lid are a popular idea for favors.